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                                                Dr. Erlinda Cruz-Rabe                                                Dr. Jose Casimiro Rabe


The SSMC Vision

The SSMC Group of Hospitals and Clinics aims to become the leading  provider of

quality healthcare services and facilities at affordable price. 

  • SSMC is one of the country's leading, trusted and affordable one stop provider of health care solutions for employers, their workforce and the working class in general.
  • SSMC is an advocate of the business principle of Corporate Citizenship whereby its business interest is served best with profitability and growth being accomplished alongside the development of the communities, the protection and sustainability of the environment, and the improvement of people's quality of life.

 The SSMC Mission Statement

SSMC Group  of Hospitals and Clinics networks, invests, and provides

a systems of health care services with due consideration

to Technology , efficacy, quality, cost, advocacy and environment

that promotes excellence.

  • SSMC regards all those it serves with respect, kindness and compassion;
  • SSMC promotes health and wellness practices in the workplaces of its clients as well as of itself for sound business outcomes;
  • SSMC continuously strives to have a full assortment of suitable equipment and facilities to better serve its patients;
  • SSMC promotes the development of a consortium of competent and effective health professionals and workers who are recognized as part of the healthcare family worthy of being treated with loyalty, respect and dignity;
  • SSMC networks with labor intensive institutions and acts with utmost honesty, integrity and fairness to the best interest of the working masses;
  • SSMC maintains a sound Quality Assurance Program, continuously strives for improvement and supports its efforts with certifications from various recognized accrediting bodies in QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND HEALTH and other areas that may be deemed relevant and beneficial for all concerned at any given time; and,
  • SSMC networks with benevolent individuals and institutions to ensure that resources are made available to effectively sustain its high efficiency - low cost services and advocacy programs.

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